How many treatments will I need?

Each person responds differently and the response can be immediate but more often benefits are seen after 4-5 sessions.  Regular weekly treatments are recommended for the body to begin the self-healing process. Following an initial consultation I will suggest the number of reflexology treatments I think we should undertake.

Can you diagnose my health problems?

Reflexologists cannot claim to diagnose or cure.  Sometimes reflexology will highlight a specific area which is struggling or working harder to maintain your wellbeing. I will discuss my findings with you at the end of your treatment.

What happens in the treatment? Will I need to undress?

Reflexology is performed entirely on the feet, ankles or hands, so the most you have to take off is your shoes and socks.

Should I keep having reflexology?

After an initial course of treatment many people choose to check in monthly for a top up to help maintain their natural wellbeing, or to de-stress. Other clients may prefer to get back in touch if they start feeling aches and pains and arrange a treatment as and when they feel need them.

Does Reflexology hurt?

You might find some areas sensitive to the touch, but reflexology does not involve extreme pressure in the way that a sports massage might.  As a therapist I will be aware of the status of your feet, noticing how they feel, the temperature and colour.  All these things play a part in understanding which areas of the body require abit more care and attention.

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